En Provence clues #6, #7 and REVEAL!

I'm getting better at QSTs. Nothing like practice!

From the very beginning I have been playing around with my units, trying to guess how the finished quilt would look like, This is a supposition:

Instructions for clue #6.
Link-up party.
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As in previous Mysteries, Bonnie Hunter ported her last clue and Reveal on New Year!

Edited Jan 14th: this is the top center before pieced borders (phone pic before it gets too dark), I am going for a 9 x 9 blocks layout, the quilt is therefore going to be 72" x 72" (hard enough to FMQ on my DSM)

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TheEclecticAbuela disse...

Beautiful work! Happy New Year. :)

TheEclecticAbuela disse...

To the edit: Beautiful quilt--and the cat proves it! Beautiful quilts are cat magnets! :)